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It’s finally here, and I’m sooo excited!

Welcome to the new look CAITLIN MCCARTHY!

This has been nearly a YEAR in the making. And after coming full circle, to say it’s a bit overdue would be, well, true!

And, also – it’s totally NOT overdue, because it’s all happened in the exact right timing, with the exact right people! #gratefulforthelessons

Thank youuuuuu so much to the gorgeous Alexa from Alexa B. Creative & Design for her graphic design amazingness (& also, notably, for her patience with all my questions – I’m a Gemini after-all .. inquisitive!!) and to the beautiful Caroline from Caroline White Photography for the DIVINE piccies!!

In the same way that your clothes don’t make you the person you are (BUT nailing your style and wearing things that scream YOU makes you feel a million bucks); I know that pretty graphics, professional photos & branding colours don’t ‘make’ me OR my business ..

Buuuuuuuuuuut .. having all your ‘STUFF’ reflect your growth and evolution & be 100% in alignment with the you that you are NOW (whether it be your clothes OR your branding) feels Really. Damn. Good!

I’ve matured, and I feel that this new look for Caitlin McCarthy now reflects that too!

It feels vulnerable to share this, as it always does when you put yourself out there 100% (ya know – heart & soul!) .. and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

This is me – take it or leave it!

So, I’m gonna bask in the light of this wee milestone for a hot minute and then boogie on over to the next installment.. because YAY, because momentum and because LIFE IS FUN!

My theme for this year is bold self-expression – and while it may have taken a while for this particular manifestation of bold self-expression to actually be expressed .. it’s being expressed NOW, and that’s what counts!

Check out the new look ..
Here: The Sensual Shift Sisterhood
Here: Caitlin McCarthy
And here:

I’d love to know what you think .. feel free to leave me a comment!

Onwards and upwards loves! xoxo

P.S. Funny story .. I wrote this entire blog (at 10.30pm because LIFE), somehow managed to navigate away from the page, lost it all and had to write it again (at 11.15pm)!
I’m not giving up on the bold self-expression Universe – not giving up!! Hehe

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