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There’s No Escaping This One!

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There’s NO denying when you must RELEASE something/someone.
Your body does NOT lie.
Those digestive issues you’ve had ever since your flatmate moved in?
Not a coincidence.
The headache you get every time you see your Stepfather?
Not a coincidence.
The weight that has steadily crept on after the miscarriage you told no one about.
Not a coincidence.
The fatigue you feel ALL day, EVERY day which makes it almost impossible to get out of bed, which has been worsening for years because you have zero boundaries & people-please your life away?
NOT a coincidence!
I don’t make these statements lightly .. there’s emotions and feelings involved here that MUST be released in order for these physical symptoms to subside and it’s certainly NOT the ‘easy’ road to process them & integrate the lessons!
Honestly, there are ‘little’ versions of these situations (which seem like ‘nothing’) that you encounter multiple times every day. These ‘little/nothing’ situations which you tolerate & ‘deal with’ are the ones that turn into the ‘big’ things and eat away at your quality of life!
And so, there’s a powerful decision you must make every day – to hold on OR to let go.
Letting go may take the form of actually physically moving or not seeing someone anymore …
OR it may take the form of CHANGING YOUR PERSPECTIVE on a certain situation/person/event.
Either way – in order to get OUT of MISERY ..
In order to exit YOURSELF from the Ground Hog Day that is your life ..
There is change necessary (doing the same thing an expecting different results is the definition of INSANITY!), there is self-responsibility to be taken and there is SELF-LOVE to be employed .. because self-love is YO JOB!! 👊
What is your body (not so subtly) telling you that you’re attempting to ignore or numb?
What is it ACTUALLY going to take for you to listen, truly HEAR what it’s crying out to you and do something differently?
PLEASE don’t wait until a diagnosis or something equally as drastic to make change!
Your family, your kids, the world and, most importantly YOU, need the most energetic, connected, turned on, passionate, authentic and LOVING version of you – here NOW!
This is what I assist my clients with everyday and it’s LIFE-CHANGING in the most beautiful Divine way possible.
You are NOT alone.
It’s not too late for you.
You’re not a lost cause.
You DESERVE a life that lights you up & turns you on, NOT a life that actually drains your life-force! 😑
Believe in you.
Love you.
I am here.
Click here to organise a chat – no strings.
We’ll have a gorgeous woman-to-woman chat and see where you’re at, what steps you can take to start healing and how I can support you going forward (only if you’re interested of course and if you’re not, that’s cool).
You. Are. Worth. It.
Let yourself FLY .. you are meant to SOAR! 💖💖💖
Ooodles of love, metallic rainbows & glitter sparkles,
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