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Bliss Balls

Makes 15-20! These bliss balls are a quick and easy, portable snack that are lots of fun to make (for big kids and little kids alike)! I love getting my hands in there, rolling the dough into balls - it’s so primal and earthy, and you truly “connect” with your food! These little balls of YUM are chocolate-y, sweet and packed with protein & fat to keep you full! There’s also oodles of ways to customise them to suit your…

No-Bake Muesli Bars

Makes 10-12 bars! My boyfriend lurrrrrrrves muesli bars, specifically the chewy ones. He can easily eat a whole pack in one sitting, no sweat! (*whoa*) Given that packaged muesli bars are not only expensive (have you seen the teeny tiny little bars you get once you rip through all the packaging??), they’re also usually full of multiple types of sugars, additives, antioxidants and all sorts of things you don’t really want to put into your body, I thought I’d give…

Raw “Cheezy” Broccoli Bites

If you love kale chips, like I do, then you’re in the right place! These are exactly like my “cheezy” kale chips, just made with broccoli! Where kale chips can feel a little “flimsy”, if you get what I mean, these beauties are substantial! AND they don’t taste like broccoli! A good way for me to gauge whether I’m onto something is when my boyfriend tries what I make and says “Hey, these are pretty good. They don’t taste too…

Raw “Cheezy” Kale Chips

Kale chips have got to be one of my favourite snacks of all time! For starters, they’re savoury! I find that SO many snack options are sweet OR the savoury options aren’t what you’d want to be eating on a regular basis *hello potato crisps, you’re not an everyday food*! Don’t get me wrong, I love nuts & seeds, and they’re definitely a “go-to” snack, but sometimes they get a little boring! So if you, like me, tend to keep…

Cacao-Dusted Almonds

Makes 2 cups! These little babies are a very adult-tasting snack - a little salty and not super sweet. If you crave chocolate after dinner, but don’t want the sugary hit (especially before bed), check these little guys out. You’ll get the chocolatey taste, some protein & fat to keep you satiated until morning, no sugar rush and they’re easy & quick to make. Winning! Ingredients 2C whole raw almonds 2 Tablespoons maple syrup 2 teaspoons Himalayan pink salt 1…


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