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8 Things I Just Don’t Give a F*** About, and You Needn’t Either!


Do you know what I could NOT give a fuck about?
How much you weigh.

Know what else I couldn’t give a fuck about?
* How big your thighs are..
* How or what you eat..
* Where you live..
* How much money you make..
* That pimple on your face..
* Who you love..
* What nationailty you are..

None of that stuff! NONE of it matters! (And ohhhhh could I go on?!)

We’re all freaking human, none of us are perfect (newsflash) and we’re all doing the best we can (which sometimes includes someone cutting you off in traffic or an angry outburst from a stranger)!

What I actually care about?
* What you LOVE (& how often you do THAT in your life)..
* Whether you have deeply connected relationships aka soul sisters/family (& if you don’t, why not)..
* If you trust yourself, your truth & your desires (and if you even know what they are!)..
* Whether you place yourself first or LAST in line to receive care and love (from yourself!) and I’m not just meaning taking yourself along for a mani/pedi once a month..
* You being a FULLY self-expressed gorgeous woman who unashamedly spreads her UNIQUE, beautiful and Divine Love & Light with the world..
* How you ‘show up’ everyday (& whether that is self-honouring OR perpetuating a victim cycle!)..
* What makes you feel anxious (& why you allow yourself to hang out in that space)..
* What shame, guilt & secrets you carry around (& why you’re letting that keep you from living the FULL and COLOURFUL freaking magical life you deserve)..

What I TRULY care about, and what I invite YOU to care about too (I will NEVER say what you *SHOULD* do, because you ‘shouldn’t’ do anything ever .. it’s a Divine choice .. not an order!) is you, as a woman NOT being held back by bullshit.

Bullshit that we’re taught,
Bullshit that WE play into and allow,
Bullshit that holds us back,
Bullshit that is OLD and OVER and DONE.

There is SO much bullshit around us and it’s time to break free!! 😎

There’s just no more time or space for us NOT taking responsibility for WHO we are.

Are you speaking your truth or are you censoring certain parts (or all parts) of you in order to be liked or seem acceptable?

Are you *trying* really REALLY hard (in vain) to reach an ideal – “perfection” – distorting and manipulating and *fixing* yourself, spending all this money on quick fixes & miracle cures only to be back at square one (or worse), demoralised and hating yourself even more a few days later?

Are you being a victim of your circumstances or are you embracing the hand you’ve been dealt and freaking making something of it?

I get it!

I’ve overcome a 10+ year eating disorder and being left with no family after having both my parents die in front of me 1 year apart when I was 20 & 21 years old – trapped in perfectionism and people-pleasing, fucking petrified that if people saw the *real* me they’d run screaming!!

Did I feel broken? Yes.
Did I want to give up? Yes.
Did I wallow for a hot minute because I was in pain and no one could fix it? YES!
And yet, did I also decide that hanging out in a depressive, monotone (read: emotionally numb) & isolated existence was NOT my truth and commit to healing? FUCK YEAH!

I tried SOOOOOOOO hard to cover everything up. And for a good while I did so successfully … and then all my pain & anxiety began to come out sideways .. and I couldn’t stop it.

PLEASE stop believing that the world is out to get you, that you’re beyond help and that no one could ever understand you!

You know that bullshit I mentioned above?
Yep – that’s some of that bullshit right there!

Please STOP trying to do everything on your own when there is help available to you (& you’re doing the same thing or only slightly different and expecting a totally different result)!

Do you try to do open heart surgery on yourself?
Umm .. NO – you go to the professionals!

What will it take for you to believe you’re worth it?

When will you say *YES* to yourself (knowing that you most certainly will not be doing it alone and you can handle whatever comes your way)?

It’s time to step up beautiful!
It’s time honour yourself and RISE in a whole new way – in sisterhood and in support of yourself & other women!

The world is CRAZY enough without adding to it the epic amounts of anger, shame, guilt, despair & hatred we direct at ourselves on the daily, ladies!

Freedom from this BULLSHIT craziness IS available to YOU lovely – you simply need to grab the opportunity being handed to you on a silver platter right now (I mean really, how often does life hand you something on a SILVER PLATTER?! 😜) and RUN with it!

I have 2 spots opening up in October for VIP private 1-on-1 coaching. You know you’re ready, so PM me now!

It’s time give a fuck about yourself FIRST for a change.

You GOT this goddess! 💖

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