I’m here to let you know without a shadow of a doubt that the light at the end of the FOOD HELL tunnel exists! You can go out with friends for a scrumptious dinner without having to skip lunch just in case you have dessert, and feel Divine in your skin! You can go to a gathering and not feel compelled to eat all the nibbles on the table just because they’re there (and you’re hungry dammit) without losing your mind. You can feel confident and sexy without having to control your body like a lunatic. REALLY. You can feel beautiful without being a size 8 (or for you US Goddesses a size 2-4). Yes, you can and it will change your life forever. Your pain will be over for you when you learn my healing method to body love as you rise into a FREEDOM Goddess.

I know the way out of this nightmare because for over a decade I was trapped in an eating disorder hell!

What started innocently enough—teenage me wanting to get rid of my acne and feel more energetic—spiraled downwards very quickly!

Soon I was having incessant thoughts and anxiety about food. I was constantly analysing what I’d eaten in the past, what I was eating right now, and what I would eat in the future. Will it make my skin break out? Should I eat it? Will it make me fat? Argh!

You know the saying paralysis by analysis? That was me. So I cut out more and more foods, and became stricter and stricter. Losing more and more weight and losing myself in the process.

I became an absolute pain in the butt to eat out with. Heck, I even took most of my own food with me to ‘Schoolies’. (A celebratory end of high school trip and rite of passage for teens in Australia). Yep, my mother and I cooked and froze a week’s worth of meals and I drove them from Sydney to Byron Bay in cooler bags in a desperate attempt to control my body and my life. I existed in a world without pleasure or fun, just restrictive over-thinking craziness.

The moment I started studying to become a Nutritionist, my eating disorder escalated to a whole new level. It became all too easy to justify why I wasn’t eating certain things—I had science to back it up now! More and more restriction, more and more cutting out of foods, getting closer and closer to the ‘perfect’ diet. I became a hermit! I rarely went out—my world was SO small and insular. It rotated solely around what I wouldn’t eat.

Things got worse for me. Enter the year both my parents died. Yep, you read that right. Let’s just say I entered into hell. That’s when my control-freak eating behaviour intensified, as did my self-loathing and distrust of my body! And, yes, add in a hearty measure of the most profound grief too!

Fast forward a few years and cue binge eating! I quickly put on about 30kg. What an absolute headf***! You get the drift. I was in control of my food … until I wasn’t. Self-attacking bitch mode hit an all-time high!

If you’re experiencing this self-bullying like I did, you know it’s a nightmare!

But I was able to slay my inner bitch and claim my FREEDOM by doing one very important thing. I hired a magnificent coach who completely got me and had my back each step of the way. That’s what was needed to heal this craziness.

Sure, I had all the qualifications and knowledge, but until I h ad my own coach and spiritual teacher I was stuck in my food-body nightmare. Nothing changed until I had someone who was there with me every step of the way, when I was feeling shitty or fed up or angry or WHA TEVER. I had the desire, but I didn’t know the way out of my mess.

How can FREEDOM Goddess help you?

And that’s where I come in. I know the way, and I can’t wait to take you on the most Divine ride of your life. Losing my parents and having experienced a chronic food and bod y war has made me one powerful woman. My dark night of the soul has become my purpose and passion—to show you the way into your own inherent soul aligned power.

I’m your GODDESS GUIDE, here to cut through all the B.S. allowing you to live in total harmony with your body and food and showing you how to live by learning to own your power.

FREEDOM Goddess is a 6 month, 1:1 program that will take you on a mind, body and soul-healing journey to transform your body. It’s about undoing what you’ve learnt, releasing your excess bagga ge and coming home to your radiant beauty. It’s about learning to trust the magic of pleasure and self-care to gently release the physical and emotional weight you’ve been carrying for years. It’s about diving deep into the world of mind-body medicine and becoming your own body whisperer! FREEDOM Goddess will see you not only designing a new body but a new life, from the inside out.

I want to make sure that we’re really meant to work together.
I only have your best interests at heart.

I don’t want to waste any of your precious time or energy, so please take a moment now to read the list of feelings and fears below to determine if you and I have been brought together to heal your life.

If you can relate to these feelings, experiences and thoughts, then you’ve come to the right place.

And now, if you can say, ‘yes, I’m ready’ to the requirements below, then you should 100% apply to work with me now.


Then FREEDOM Goddess will be your shining light to escape the nightmare once and for all.

Because here’s the deal: all that pain comes from hating yourself, and it’s not your fault. You’ve been fed a myth from early childhood that the royal road to beauty, worthiness and success comes from becoming FREAKIN’ SKINNY.

So what do we do? We begin to turn on ourselves!

The size of your ass consumes you and, before you know it, you’ve become a self-attacking bitch.

Instead of being a GODDESS—FREE, like you were born to be—you’ve become disconnected from your own power. And all this madness stems from what you are or aren’t putting in your mouth, the size of your thighs and how F-worthy you, or others, think you are. Instead of being happy, if you’re really honest, you’re miserable.

But that’s about to change now, beautiful lady.

What I’ve learned is that our desire for physical perfection is never really about the weight. Our insecurity and body hate runs way deeper than wanting the ‘perfect’ body or to ‘be accepted’ or ‘look hot’ in our skinny jeans. When it comes to the heart of it, I’ve designed the FREEDOM Goddess program to be a juicy healing journey to inspire you to fall in love with yourself. The moment you master the Art of Self-Love is the exact moment you’ll become a magnetic, happy and radiant woman. Truly. Your body, mind and soul will heal and your entire life will get an epic makeover.


Let’s talk about the BIG F WORD….

Feeling FEAR is such a normal part of being human. Don’t worry about how much it might cost you because I can promise you right now that any investment you make with me will be worth every cent. So apply now, and let’s have a heart-to-heart discussion to unearth your FREEDOM Goddess.

So if you’re ready to:

  • step into your most radiant body ever
  • quit being a bitch to yourself and ditch diets for good
  • claim your bad-ass rocking confidence
  • learn deep self-love and respect, beyond your body
  • become a minx in the kitchen, cooking and preparing food foll owing your new eating rituals
  • cultivate a loving relationship with food that allows you to eat with pleasure and know with confidence that what you’re eating is truly nourishing
  • know who you are beyond your body (oh yes, we’ll connect to y our soul, baby!)
  • embrace a juicy life where you no longer obsess about food an d your body, so you can spend more time creating your most Divine Life EVER

…then the FREEDOM Goddess program will change everything for you. It’s time to truly honour what it means to be a woman with your own mind. A woman who is deeply connected to her body, her worth and her place in the world, without apology.

We’ll dive deep into your story to create a completely new path. You’ll uncover the secret to healing your inner mean girl once and for all and learn the ancient rituals to live in your power connected to the Divine. This first month is about cleansing your mind and soul so you can shine like the Goddess you truly are!

Learn and master the Art of Eating with Pleasure, step into your power and fall in love with food. You’ll learn how to ignite your metabolism, release weight with ease and fall in love with your body right now. I will teach you how and what to eat to receive Divine nourishment, without all the overthinking!

You’ll also discover the Magic of INSPIRED Feminine Movement, to embrace your sensuality and embody the self-confidence you’ve always wanted—no outside validation necessary! You’ll know your worth and you’ll own it, baby!

You’ll learn to trust your Feminine Insight to step into your Divine connection, innate beauty and wisdom. The intimacy and deep connectedness you’re yearning for? We’ll dive into that in this step, and it will give you the mojo to design your life—on your terms—with clarity, confidence and intuitive power. No more ‘same old, same old’ every day! It’s time for magic and momentum to come into play, which will be your golden ticket to claiming the confidence and mindset you need to manifest whatever you desire any time you wish to.

You’ll learn how to use the laws of energy and attraction to become magnetic to your desires. We’ll also be doing a lot of healing work to release patterns of thinking that no longer serve you.

We’ll focus deeply on your passion and purpose in life. You can’t be a FREEDOM Goddess until you truly discover what you want to do with your wild and crazy Divine life. Together, we’ll discover your talents and what lights you up, and you’ll release your resistance to moving forward and pursuing your dreams! We’ll create a clear Dream Catcher Magic Strategy so you’ll know exactly how to expr ess all your Divine Feminine creative energy, and start making your desires a reality!

You’ll learn to TRUST your Divine Guidance, those little whispers that you dismiss or put off for tomorrow—this is the secret sauce to letting go of anxiet y, indecision, perfectionism and control. You’ll relinquish the need to be something you’re not, and the need to ‘fix’ yourself. You see, my love, on a soul level, there is NOTHING to FIX, you are perfection!

We’ll also delve deeply into your Money Mindset and work to clear the negative stories you no longer need. You’ll learn to LOVE the MONEY, honey!

Soul Elevation will gift you the Divine formula to move from pain and fear into love-fueled soul alignment. You’ll master the art of having a delicious conversation with your highest self and, in doing so, tap into a completely new, loved-filled dance with Divine guidance.

Soul Elevation will open your heart to a juicy love af fair with a whole new way of living and experiencing the world. Ohhh la la!! Once you invite your soul to speak her trut h, she’ll always be there to answer any question you may have. All you have to do is dial in, and I’ll teach you exactly how t o that, beautiful.

With your own unshakable soul bond, you’ll welcome connection and intimacy with others from a place of self-love and deeply owning your self-worth. Your relationships will be filled with harmony, equality and LOVE.

Your highest self always knows the way forward into your most Divine Life EVER, and once you’ve mastered the art of Soul Elevation you will be one powerful, heart-and-soul-fueled FREEDOM GODDESS. Woohoo!!

The Art of Soul Elevation = Listen, Trust and Follow.


This month is all about truly embodying what we’ve covered in Months 1 to 5 and releasing restriction around food and body once and for all.

You’ll be ready and raring to go out into the world, confident in your own beauty, and you’ll have the FREEDOM Goddess mojo to celebrate the beauty and power in others! You’ll be empowered to spread your joy and pizazz with the world, excited to do anything you please.

Together we’ll create a strategic plan for you to step confidently into doing what you LOVE with your life. To move forward with Divine elegance, ease and grace. No more playing small. No more hiding. No more waiting. You will START to truly live your Divine calling. You see, my love, that’s what happens when you no longer hate on yourself. You can breathe. You can connect to your truth and you will begin to live your truth. There will be no more doubt. Just pure delicious living on your own terms.

Plus there’s more LOVE:

See yourself in 6 months’ time—radiant, strong and empowered, looking and feeling like a Divine FREEDOM Goddess. You’re eating food with pleasure and trust that it is nourishing every inch of you, you look incredible, your skin is glowing, and you’re becoming a love magnet and an abundance minx attracting all that you desire. How good does that feel?!

Being a FREEDOM Goddess means being connected to your desires, knowing your own beauty and worth, being responsible for your own needs, feelings and behaviour, and fully allowing JOY, PLEASURE, FUN, ABUNDANCE and BLISS to be your guiding lights. You’ll be in full-on FREEDOM GODDESS mode!

I’m going to be straight with you because I want more than anything to see you shine.

Healing your soul and body is not something you can do alone.

It’s time to invest in yourself. When you do, you’ll step into your magic light. The truth is only a small percentage of people really do the healing work they need to do to reach their dreams. Will you?

I invite you now to apply to work with me.

You’ll complete a short form that gives me deep insight into who you are and how I can help you. Next, we’ll have a Divine conversation over SKYPE, at no charge to you, and I’ll share more from the FREEDOM Goddess program!

Whether we work together or not, you’ll come away with a deeper sense of your innate wisdom, beauty and power as I share my intuitive insight with you.

Let’s do this!

Don’t wait another day, wasting your life away in struggle. Honestly, this is your choice now.
Do you break free from all the pain or not?

Truth: It’s up to you decide, if you’re going to stay stuck or soar!
I invite you now to make your life all that you desire it to be and live FREE from the toxicity the world has fed you. It’s time to break up with playing small and disowning your power for good.
If you were meant to have done it alone, you would have done it already.

Get support. It’s the key to everything you’ve always wanted.

I can’t wait to ‘meet’ you on the call! It’s time to set yourself FREE!


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