What if you could change your life in just one day?

What if you could clear the pain that’s holding you back, ignite magic, miracles and love, and in doing so alter the course of your life?

Not only is this 100% possible, it’s available to you right now.

I invite you to immerse yourself in one WHOLE day of healing bliss and supercharged soulful coaching with me, to change your life forever. I’ve designed the DIVINE DIVA DAY to reconnect you to your inner DIVINE nature.

Divine doesn’t mean perfect.

Screw Perfect.

This is your chance to fully own your Divine Beauty, Power and Lusciousness.

It’s time for a whole new way of living, girlfriend. If you’re over the grind then you’re truly ready to unwind from the BS you’ve been taught will make you happy (God knows that’s NOT working for you).

So, you might ask yourself, why aren’t I getting what I want? Damn it. And what’s up with feeling so freakin’ lousy?

The answer is simple. Women have been fed a big fat lie and it’s making us sick, miserable and insecure. It’s NOT your fault.

The world doesn’t need more stress-head, frazzled, “go go go” females.

What the world needs is more empowered women!

Women who are connected to themselves, who trust their own inner truth and wisdom, who value themselves exactly as they are, and who have a deep knowing that they’re absolutely deserving of all the pleasure, riches and love that the universe can provide.

Do you feel …..?

  • Not good enough
  • Trapped in a body you hate
  • Like you’re going slightly nuts because of your food obsessions and constant yo-yo dieting
  • You’re wigged out about what to eat and what NOT to eat – seriously which diet is the right one?
  • You’re addicted to sugar and/or alcohol and you can’t break the cycle
  • Overwhelmed, exhausted and uncertain about your future
  • Deeply concerned that you’re on the wrong path but aren’t sure how to shift gears
  • Disillusioned about your relationship with men and how to have sexy, loving and flowing relationships
  • That you have to play small in order to attract men and be liked but deep down you feel uneasy in your body and soul
  • A desire to truly be empowered but you’re stuck in a battle with your inner bitch
  • That you’re destined to shine and create success but you’re not sure where to begin

If you identify with one or more of these, then The Divine Diva Day was designed especially for you.

I’ve created this magical day to unlock your radiant GODDESS POWER.

It’s time to kick the lies, force and struggle to the curb and open your heart to the divine feminine power that’s just waiting to be unleashed.

Caitlin is one of the most intuitive and inspiring coaches I know. Working with Caitlin would be a monumental gift for any woman wanting to radically heal their lives. Do it and experience the divine!

Ingrid Arna
BodyLove Diet author, business coach and founder of

The only way that you can achieve true personal freedom is to heal your conscious and subconscious fears and limiting beliefs. You need to CULTIVATE CONFIDENCE. You need to learn how to FAN THE FLAMES of your DESIRE. You need to create a GAME PLAN and go for it. But here’s the deal, if you truly want to create a whole new body and life, you’ve got to show up and do the work.

It’s NOT your fault that you’ve been fed a MYTH but it is
YOUR REPSONSIBLITY to let it go and
change your life.

Trust me, I know how it feels to be consumed and overwhelmed with pain, fear and deep insecurity. After both my parents died a few years ago, my eating disorder spiraled out of control. I hit absolute ROCK BOTTOM.

It was in that moment of utter despair, I decided I had to save myself from my deep grief and food battle. I committed to doing the work, delving deeper than I ever had before, studying spiritual development and personal training, to enhance my nutrition qualification. I hired a coach and honed my intuitive skills. I radically healed, and my life completely transformed. I’m thrilled to share that I’m on the other side of the pain you might be feeling.

I want this for you too! You can absolutely do it!

It’s time to break free from struggle once and for all. The DIVINE DIVA DAY starts you off on a mind-blowing and body-healing transformative journey.

Honestly ... You can’t get from pain to paradise without doing the work, BUT it doesn’t have to be torturous. The truth is the pain you’re in right now is excruciating. I know it. You know it. However, the moment you start to do the work, you have your Divine Life just waiting for you to claim it. Truly.

Are you ready to escape Struggleville once and for all? If you are, then it’s time to work with me, sister.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt in my lifetime, it’s that LIFE DOESN’T WAIT!

There’s absolutely NO time to waste on negative people, past pain, bad habits or practices that don’t make your SOUL light up with a deep sense of LOVE, EXCITEMENT and STRENGTH.

Caitlin is an incredible coach and nutritionist! Investing in this program has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself.

Working with Caitlin has helped me change my life by showing me how to heal my relationship with food, my body and myself. Put it this way, I didn’t fit into the dress I’m wearing in the pic here, a few months ago! Not only am I healing my body but my entire life.

Caitlin has been with me every step of the way through learning how to fall in love with myself and my life without making me feel suffocated or overwhelmed. It has been an eye-opening experience in why I do the things I do – the foods I choose, the decisions I make, and the words/thoughts/feelings I use about myself. I used to binge eat, leaving me feeling very out of control and unhappy. I now feel so much more empowered about my body and my decisions. I listen to my body. I know what the right choices are and I’ve learned to trust and follow my intuitive body guidance, which has been nothing short of a divine miracle. It doesn’t mean I make the right choice every time with food; however, I am now able to analyse why I ignore what my body is telling me in those rare moments when I slip up and use that information for next time.

This healing involves a lot of self work, which can be very scary, but really helps you understand your body and your inner world. I have a better relationship with myself now that’s for sure. I can look in the mirror and not judge every tiny (or large!) detail constantly. I can recognise that what my body has been through emotionally presents itself physically and to be grateful and thankful for it. I have not stepped on the scales in over a month and it used to be a daily obsession. That alone is liberating. I’m realising that weight or numbers don’t dictate who I am as a person. I am loved and loving no matter my size. I have never felt this amount of love or self-appreciation in 30 years of my life.

I take care of myself now, spend money on things that make me feel good and I’m learning to trust that I deserve that. I am really looking forward to what the next 12 months will bring – if I have come this far in such a short time, imagine how fantastic I’ll feel in a year!

ShannAn, B.

If this one-day retreat resonates with you, and you’re ready to make your life richer, then book in by setting up your FREE consult with me. Please fill in the application and myself or my assistant will get back to you. I’ll give you the low down on the investment and more juicy details on the retreat.

Unfortunately, most women never truly do the work to change and heal their lives. They’re WAITING for someone to FIX it for them. Waiting for someone to GIVE them the LOVE they seek. Waiting for the PERFECT body, boyfriend and break.

Waiting for someone else to be your knight in shining armour or your fairy God Mother, who magically grants you your wishes, just doesn’t happen. If you keep waiting, you’re going to be waiting for a lifetime! The truth is no one can really heal your life but you. Unless you change your energetic pattern, you won’t change the course of your life.

To shift the direction of your life, you need to put on your big girl panties, build your own castle, ride your own wave, and get the show on the road! You need to VALUE yourself and you need to INVEST in yourself! What makes your dreams come true is creating your own magic, lovely one. In order to create RADICAL CHANGE, you need to rock your DIVINE Diva by taking FULL responsibility for your life.

Are you ready? If so, then


Ok so let’s talk about the BIG F in the room. I’m talking about FEAR, baby.

If you’re feeling excited, but then you notice icky vibes start to take over inside, it’s OK. It’s natural. It’s simply the BIG F taking over. Let me be honest with you. I totally freaked out when I started working with my coach. But I’m here to tell you it was the best thing I ever did. I decided to move forward. I decided that I was worth the investment and went for it.

Here’s the thing you need to know. We all experience fear. It’s part of being human. But there is always a choice to make. Will you allow FEAR to STOP YOU or PROPEL you forward? What separates someone from getting what they want and those that continually get stuck in drama and struggle is one thing – TAKING ACTION DESPITE YOUR EMOTIONS. Despite fear and despite feeling unsure, not good enough, not smart enough, not ready yet, not worthy. You’re ready when you say you are. I urge you to START anywhere. LEAP NOW. Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. Hesitating won’t get you anywhere.

My PROMISE to you:

I can PROMISE you that once you commit, magic, miracles and momentum will start flowing into your life. And that’s NOT SCARY, that’s AWESOME! You deserve to live in DIVINITY because that’s the truth of who you are. Living any other way is beneath you. It’s time to rise. It’s time to play big. It’s time to rock your inner DIVINE DIVA.

Breakthroughs are the name of the game here at Divine Diva Day. What you’ll experience and release on the day will be unique to you. There are NO LIMITS when you’re ready to open your heart to your divinity. Woo hoo! Here are some of the miracles you could receive on the day:

  • CURE your food obsession and start a JUICY new relationship with your body and yourself
  • CONNECT with your inner DIVINE DIVA to become a LOVE MAGNET
  • OWN your PURPOSE to follow your TRUE LIFE’S CALLING
  • RELEASE paralysing fear to become a DIVINE DIVA action taker
  • FORGIVE your past to ignite a completely FRESH, RICH and PLAYFUL new journey
  • DISCOVER and RELEASE the core emotions that keep you TRAPPED in PAIN and EXHAUSTION

Who is this for?

The Divine Diva Day is for any woman who:

  1. Is seeking connectedness and love
  2. Feels there is more to life than being obsessed with food and body image, and is truly ready to get off the yo-yo diet train for good
  3. Is unhappy at her current weight, stressed, fatigued and who feels trapped but wants to feel free, energetic, vital and ALIVE!
  4. Is truly ready to heal her life and willing to invest in herself
  5. Wants to end struggle in her life to attract more pleasure, fun and abundance
  6. Senses a connection with her higher wisdom but wants to delve deeper into the divine and her own inner guidance system to live with more heart, soul and faith

How does the day work?

So, gorgeous one, we meet at 9am for coffee and a chat, and then head off on an energizing beach walk, where I’ll guide you in deep healing meditations, visioning and Diva Desire Dialogue. We’ll get to the heart of your pain and work to release it with a mixture of soulful coaching, energy work and LOVE.

Next, we’ll deep dive into food and mind-body nutrition coupled with divine strategy and spiritual guidance. After completing your coaching session, we’ll head to a delicious lunch and then spend the following few hours in PAMPER TIME. This sacred time will allow you to embody the insight and clearing you’ve received whilst enjoying a sublime massage! Yay! Opening your heart and body to restorative self-care is a crucial part of your healing process. To complete your DIVINE DIVA Day, we’ll put together an action plan for you to immediately implement.

Caitlin's caring and intuitive nature shines through her. You can't help but feel comfortable, grounded and empowered in her presence. Don't even think about playing small - she will lovingly not let you get away with it!

Jessica Silsby
Founder of

Caitlin McCarthy is my 'go-to gal' for advice and tips on living a healthy lifestyle. Caitlin is such an easy-going, friendly, genuine, down-to-earth woman who has incredible knowledge on healthy and nourishing food, delicious recipes, and keeping fit. The Divine Diva Day program will rock your world and your body.

Lucy Penhallow
Doula, Holistic Kinesiologist & Founder of

Caitlin lives and breathes what she teaches, creating healthy, tasty meals and snacks, bursting with flavour and nutrients. She approaches health on several levels, and integrates the emotional relationship with food along with the basics of good nutrition. The Divine Diva Day Program is revolutionary combining the mental, spiritual, physical and scientific methods to weight loss, healing and lasting happiness.

Mem Davis
Naturopath & Doula

This woman is dedication central. This pure divine focus, combined with the empathy and motivation that Caitlin embodies, makes her a modern day healer & body whisperer. She also rocks the dehydrator - I was often the proud recipient of dehydrated goodies that she shared with me. If you can get some of that action, I suggest you do! I LOVE the way Caitlin looks into the mind. The way the mind works, the perspective on things, and the massive role this has in terms of the ability to self heal, to be motivated, to turn things upside down and into a dance party of joy.

Carly Woods
Co-founder of Everso Sproutly

I believe that Caitlin’s knowledge and passion for health and fitness makes her an exceptional nutritionist and personal trainer. I’ve referred many people to Caitlin who’ve needed the special care and understanding that Caitlin is highly renowned for. If someone is interested in changing their lives through beneficial health and fitness advice and support, I would highly recommend that they talk to Caitlin as soon as possible, because the sooner you start the happier you’ll be.

Wayne Pinniger
Personal trainer & Massage therapist

Plus you get the following bonuses too:


KICKSTART CALL - 1 x 15 minute immersion coaching call before your VIP day.


ACCOUNTABALITY CALL - 1 x 45 minute follow up call one week after your DIVINE DIVA DAY to ensure you’re moving forward with divine flow.

What you’ll receive at the end of the day?

At the end of the day, not only will you have been blessed with the gift of relaxation, pleasure, fun and a whole new outlook on your life, your relationships, your job and (most importantly) yourself, you’ll also walk away with a detailed action plan propelling you into your divine new future. This will enable you to implement deliberate strategies to keep the momentum going as you embark on your divine new life!

Who’s the DIVA, Miss Caitlin McCarthy?

Well first off, I’m the founder of Divine Diva Day and My Divine Life. I’m an Accredited Nutritionist, Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1, Certified Eating Psychology Coach and Personal Trainer, BUT more importantly I’m a SURVIVOR and a THRIVER. Think – INTENSE eating disorder + caring for BOTH parents at home as they died from cancer (one after the other, one year apart), while studying & working two jobs part-time – all by the age of 21. (I’m an only child and any family is overseas). Let’s just say my formative years were FULL ON!

I could have stayed trapped in GRIEF. I could have become a VICTIM. I could have allowed my fear and body image woes to CONSUME me. But I made a choice. I made a choice to forgive, release and re-wire my LIFE. Sure, I spent a few years trapped in PAIN. So I know this GAME well. I know how we can deceive and trap ourselves in self-loathing and self-sabotage. I GET IT - but at the end of the day all that PAIN really has to be dealt with and healed if you want to live FREE.

It’s up to you to INVEST in yourself, show up and commit to doing the work to change the course of your life. Which way will you travel? Will you take the road to love and prosperity or, will you stay on the bumpy road to Misery Town?

Through my journey, I now know this as a fact: TRUE HEALTH and WELLNESS can’t be found though eating a “perfect” diet (I really tried!), exercising every day, being with Mr. Perfect or fitting into size 8 jeans! It’s an inside job. Radical DIVINE HEALTH and PROSPERITY is within your reach as long as you do the work to PURGE and EMERGE as your best self. Don’t live your life just going through the “motions” – start living the life of your DREAMS. I would LOVE to accompany you on that AMAZING journey!


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