Before working with Caitlin I felt like I didn’t have any drive to do anything despite really wanting to! I’m now taking better care of myself physically and emotionally with more self-care than I’ve done in a long time. Working with Caitlin has been a deep, eye-opening, soul-filled journey filled with laughing, crying, inspiration, fun and excitement as I am learning to fully feel comfortable with myself at a deeper level! Caitlin connects the dots and asks powerful, soul-searching questions that have opened my eyes to help me make my own insights in between sessions with her. She is a friend you can talk to about anything without fear of being judged. I always thought of myself as a positive, upbeat person, but I’ve learned that I have a lot of unconscious judgement and negative-self talk going on. That awareness alone has been incredibly powerful for me. It’s pretty much impossible to make the changes I need to make without the awareness and guidance I’ve received from Caitlin. I’m learning to be happy, content and confident in my own skin while growing into a better person each day. I’ve given myself permission to let some things go that weren’t serving me and to take on other things that would benefit me. I am now practicing more self-care and self-awareness on my own accord and I’m feeling more motivated to do the things I want to do. It’s been a deeply empowering experience for me.

– Christie, G.

If you’re looking for an amazing coach, nutritionist and spiritual guide look no further. Caitlin not only helped me cure my chronic fatigue and postnatal depletion but she helped me make some very important decisions in my life. Caitlin’s love and support has had an incredible impact on my marriage, my self-worth and my business. She’s wise beyond her years. Deeply intuitive and incredibly professional. If you just want to talk about what to eat don’t hire Caitlin. If you want to makeover your entire relationship with yourself and life sign up now. I love her!

– Ingrid Arna, business coach at

Caitlin is an incredible coach and nutritionist! Investing in Caitlin’s program has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself.

Working with Caitlin has helped me change my life by showing me how to heal my relationship with food, my body and myself. Put it this way, I didn’t fit into the dress I’m wearing in the pic here, a few months ago! Not only am I healing my body but my entire life.

Caitlin has been with me every step of the way through learning how to fall in love with myself and my life without making me feel suffocated or overwhelmed. It has been an eye-opening experience in why I do the things I do – the food I choose, the decisions I make, and the words/thoughts/feelings I use about myself. I used to binge eat, leaving myself feeling very out of control and unhappy. I now feel so much more empowered about my body and my decisions. I listen to my body. I know what the right choices are and I’ve learned to trust and follow my intuitive body guidance, which has been nothing short of a divine miracle. It doesn’t mean I make the right choice every time with food; however, I am now able to analyse why I ignore what my body is telling me in those rare moments when I slip up and use that information for next time.

This healing involves a lot of self work, which can be very scary, but really helps you to understand your body and your inner world. I have a better relationship with myself now that’s for sure. I can look in the mirror and not judge every tiny (or large!) detail constantly. I can recognise that what my body has been through emotionally presents itself physically and to be grateful and thankful for it. I have not stepped on the scales in over a month and it used to be a daily obsession. That alone is liberating. I’m realising that weight or numbers don’t dictate who I am as a person. I am loved and loving no matter my size. I have never felt this amount of love or self-appreciation in 30 years of my life.

I take care of myself now, spend money on things that make me feel good and I’m learning to trust that I deserve that. I am really looking forward to what the next 12 months will bring – if I have come this far in such a short time, imagine how fantastic I’ll feel in a year!

– Shannan, C.

Caitlin’s caring and intuitive nature shines through her. You can’t help but feel comfortable, grounded and empowered in her presence. Don’t even think about playing small – she will lovingly not let you get away with it!

– Jessica Silsby, Founder of

Caitlin McCarthy is my ‘go-to gal’ for advice and tips on living a healthy lifestyle. Caitlin is such an easy-going, friendly, genuine, down-to-earth woman who has incredible knowledge on healthy and nourishing food, delicious recipes, and keeping fit. The Divine Diva Day program will rock your world and your body.

– Lucy Penhallow, Doula, Holistic Kinesiologist & Founder of

Caitlin lives and breathes what she teaches, creating healthy, tasty meals and snacks, bursting with flavour and nutrients. She approaches health on several levels, and integrates the emotional relationship with food along with the basics of good nutrition. The Divine Diva Day Program is revolutionary combining the mental, spiritual, physical and scientific methods to weight loss, healing and lasting happiness.

– Mem Davis, Naturopath & Doula

This woman is dedication central. This pure divine focus combined with the empathy and motivation that Caitlin makes her a modern day healing body whisperer. She also rocks the dehydrator – I was often the proud recipient of dehydrated goodies that she shared with me. If you can get some of that action, I suggest you do so.I LOVE the way Caitlin looks into the mind. The way the mind works, the perspective on things, and the massive role this has in terms of the ability to self heal, to be motivated, to turn things upside down and into a dance party of joy.

– Carly Woods, Co-founder of Everso Sproutly

I believe that Caitlin’s knowledge and passion for health and fitness makes her an exceptional nutritionist and personal trainer. I’ve referred many people to Caitlin who’ve needed the special care and understanding that Caitlin is highly renowned for. If someone is interested in changing their lives through beneficial health and fitness advice and support, I would highly recommend that they talk to Catlin as soon as possible, because the sooner you start the happier you’ll be.

– Wayne Pinniger, Personal trainer & Massage therapist


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