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Hi Goddess!

Welcome to my online home and the sanctuary for everything DIVINE.

I’m Caitlin McCarthy – leading Nutritionist and transformation coach for you, the woman in her 20s or 30s who’s ready to live her dreams!

I’m all about guiding you to own your desire, worth and power, so that you can create the most Divine Life EVER on your own terms.

Right now, you might be feeling scared, overwhelmed and confused about why life just isn’t what you’d imagined it would be .. what it “should” be. Perhaps you’re trapped in a body war and you’re freaked out by your emotions. Maybe you feel like something just isn’t right and you’re starting to search for deeper meaning and purpose in your life. You’re not sure what to do to get out of your funk, but you’re 100% committed to making sure that within the next year, you’re living the life that you truly DESIRE.

I get the FEAR.

I’ve been there too. But a few years back I made a choice to heal my life, and I did. I want that for you too.

How did I heal my life and step into my dreams?

I didn’t do it alone. I hired a brilliant coach and invested in myself and my healing.

I took my life and my dreams into my own hands.

Let me tell you that I understand pain, grief and confusion.

I’m not some young girl who hasn’t lived or experienced life. My dark night of the soul was an epic collision! When, at 20, my parents died within months of each other, I plunged deep into despair and depression and deeper into my eating disorder. I stayed trapped in that pain for many years until I decided to change my life. They say that, when you are ready, the teacher will appear and mine did. She danced into my life and then I did what all COURAGEOUS women who really want to heal their lives do—I banked on myself and invested in a program to work with her.

I almost stopped myself. I was petrified.

The investment at the time seemed huge. But I knew deep in my heart that if I didn’t get the help I needed, I would stay in the sick cycle of self-abuse, doubt and fear forever. From the moment I made my payment, everything in my life began to blossom. Unforeseen forces of magic began to flow into my life because I invested in myself.

Firstly, asking for help is an act of power not weakness!

Secondly, trying to figure out a path to your Divine Greatness requires three things:

  1. Taking responsibility for your life.
  2. Investing in your development. You need to bank on yourself despite your fear.
  3. Working with a mentor and creating a Divine relationship with someone who will support and hold space for your up-leveling. Someone who will love you at all times even when you don’t love yourself. Someone who’ll call you on your crap. Someone who shines a light on your brilliance when you doubt yourself.

Unless you get the support you need, you won’t break the cycle. It’s really that simple.

The story of your past, the conditioning you’ve received and the social messages we’re fed, especially as women, need to be released if you want to live in FREEDOM. It takes work and dedication, and it’s the best thing you could ever do for yourself! Really. I did it. I should know. I want that now for you!

Or will you wait another year and then another year? It’s a choice. Which one will you make?

All it takes is for you to open your heart, add some faith into your vision and go for it! Then that’s where I come in. I will take you by the heart and lead you into designing a life that truly lifts you to the grandest heights of love, radiance and bliss.

You’ll become a vixen instead of a victim.
You’ll become the Queen of your desires rather than a servant to your fear.
You’ll become a conscious creator, manifesting like only the Divine can.
You’ll learn to connect with the Divine in you.
You’ll fall in love with yourself and then life will fall in love with you.

When we work together I use the following methodology to ensure that you rise up into your Divine Power.

If you’re truly ready to unleash your Divine Diva, book in for your I can’t wait to bring magic, love, abundance and beauty into your life.

Caitlin is one of the most powerful coaches and healers I know. She’s deeply intuitive, kind and generous but also incredibly talented. Her passion will light you up and her knowledge will give you the edge you need to fly. It’s wonderful to see Caitlin doing the work she is called to do by helping millions of young women move from talking about their dreams to living them.


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